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ZenCart - The Art of E-Commerce

Zen Cart is a very nice E-Commerce Application that certainly deserves a closer look.



Upgrade ZenCart

Steps required to successfully upgrade Zen-Cart

mv shop shop.ori                             # Backup Shop
cp -rf shop.ori shop                         # Make new Copy
cd shop                                      #
tar xpyvf /var/tmp/Zen-Cart-v1.2.4d.tar.bz2  # Extract new files

# This is the only file that is being overwritten :

cp ../shop.ori/includes/languages/english/html_includes/define_main_page.php includes/languages/english/html_includes/define_main_page.php

# Make the configuration writeable

chmod 777 includes/configure.php admin/includes/configure.php

chmod 777 cache images/
chmod 777 includes/languages/english/html_includes
chmod 777 pub admin/backups admin/images/graphs

chmod -R o+rx *

# Now use the Browser to 'Upgrade' the config/Database

# Revert to a 'secure' configuration
rm -rf zc_install

chmod 644 includes/configure.php

# If Admin Login does not 'work' , add :

  define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://www.your.domain');
  define('HTTP_SERVER', '');

  in file admin/includes/configure.php - *COMMENT OUT* the original line !