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ImageZoom 0.4.4 on Firefox 4.0beta

ImageZoom 0.4.4 stops working with FireFox 4.0, here is a quick and dirty way to get at least the mouse functions working.

(The Context Menu does NOT work, so you may just as well disable that from the Options Dialog).


Tested with Firefox 4.0b6.

Get imagezoom_0.4.4.xpi from .

Rename the file to .zip.

Using 7-Zip :

Extract from

Extract from imagezoom.jar

Edit globals.js, Line 45 to look like
  var extVersion = "0.4.4";  // this.getAppVersion();

Edit overlay.js to look like
   var version = "0.4.4"; // net.yellowgorilla.imagezoom.globals.getAppVersion();

Edit install.rdf, Line 59 to look like

Replace the files in with those just edited. Rename back to .xpi .

Install & Enjoy

The proper way to fix this Addon would likely be this :